hd EZ lock Universal HDMI Lock
hd EZ lock Universal HDMI Lock

hd EZ lock™ is the only Universal HDMI Lock on the market.  hd EZ lock secures your HDMI Cables firmly in place, eliminates harmful stress on your HDMI Input, and maintains the best connection possible at all times.  Includes one pair of hd EZ lock adapters and necessary hardware.  US Patent Number 7,914,338.  Made in the USA.

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Product Description:

hd EZ lock video demonstrating basic installation

hd EZ lock™ turns your Loose HDMI Cable into a Locking HDMI Cable.
hd EZ lock double pack - contains (2) hd EZ locks and install hardware.
US Patent Number 7,914,338.  Made in the USA.

The patented hd EZ lock, recipient of the Consumer Electronics Association 2009 Innovations Design and Engineering Showcase award, is the only Universal HDMI Lock on the market.  hd EZ lock prevents your HDMI Cable from becoming loose or disconnected from its Input. The easy to use, low profile design works with most HDMI Cables and most HDMI Components on the market.

Blue Echo HDMI Cables

HDMI connectors have no locking mechanism to secure the HDMI Cable, but instead use a friction connection to hold the HDMI Cable in its input. HDMI Cables are known to come loose from their input relatively easily. This problem can become worse over time, after plugging and unplugging your HDMI Cable several times.

Repeated plugging and unplugging of your HDMI Cable can cause damage to your HDMI Input or your HDMI Cable. Placing excessive stress on the HDMI Input can also cause damage to your HDMI Input or your HDMI Cable.

hd EZ lock prevents all of these issues by attaching to your component's chassis using either the existing fixing screw on the chassis (usually located above your HDMI Input), or with the supplied VHB adhesive. Once attached, your HDMI Cable is held securely in place to prevent your HDMI Cable from coming loose or unplugged completely. hd EZ lock also significantly reduces or eliminates stress on your HDMI Input by supporting your cable with your Component's chassis, rather than with your HDMI Input. This can significantly reduce the chance of damaging your HDMI Input or your HDMI Cable.

Key Features:

  • Locks your HDMI Cable in place to prevent it from coming loose or unplugged.
  • Supports your HDMI Cable by using your component's chassis instead of relying on your HDMI Input for support, significantly reducing or eliminating potentially damaging stress on your HDMI Input.
  • Low profile, easy to use two piece design works with most HDMI Cables up to 7/16" high and 7/8" wide (measured at the HDMI Cable head), and with most HDMI Components on the market.
  • Innovative Floating Design centers around your HDMI cable to hold your HDMI Cable in its natural position.
  • Accommodates various fixing screw distances up to from 3/8" to 1/2" from center of HDMI Input to center of fixing screw or mounts to chassis using supplied VHB adhesive.
  • Ultrasonic Threaded Insert allows for variable adjustment and repeated use. Use your hd EZ lock over and over again, as you change your system or your HDMI Cables.
  • Comes complete with all hardware necessary to install.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • Made in the USA.
  • US Patent Number 7,914,338.



Injection Molded Nylon 6-6



Assembled Dimensions (Inches):


       Minimum Height:


       Maximum Height:






Threaded Insert:

6/32 by .125" Ultrasonic Insert

Inside Dimensions (Inches):


       Minimum (H x W):

5/16” x 7/8"

       Maximum (H x W):

1/2” x 7/8"

Included in Package (2 sets):

(2) Mounting Adaptor


(2) Main Body


(2) M3 - .5 x 10 mm Standoff Adapter


(2) 6/32 x 3/8" Set Screw


(2) M3 - .50 x 6 mm Socket Cap Button Head Screw


(1) 1/16”  Hex Key


(1) 2 mm Hex Key


(4) 3M 4926 VHB Adhesive Strip *

* At room temperature, approximately 50% of the ultimate holding strength of the VHB Adhesive  will be achieved after 20 minutes, 90% after 24 hours and 100% after 72 hours.

Winner of the prestigious CES 2009 Innovations Design and Engineering Honoree Award.

Designed, Engineered and Manufactured in the USA.

US Patent Number 7,914,338.



What's in the Box:

  • (2) Mounting Adaptor
  • (2) Main Body
  • (2) M3x.5 Standoff Adapter
  • (2) 6/32 x 1/4" Set Screw
  • (2) M3x.5 6mm Socket Cap Screw
  • (1) 1/16 inch Hex Key
  • (1) 2mm Hex Key
  • (4) 3M 4932 VHB Adhesive Strip
  • (2) IPO Alcohol Cleaning Pads


Shipping and Handling:

HDMI, the HDMI logo and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC.

The Innovations Design and Engineering Award is based upon descriptive materials submitted to the judges. CEA did not verify the accuracy of any submission or of any claims made and did not test the item to which the award was given.

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EZ lock Universal HDMI Lock

- 20th October 2015

Was having problems with TV suddenly blacking out. Would have to restart PVR, Receiver and TV. Often would have to pull and reinsert HDMI cables. Saw on web that poor HDMI concentrations may be cause. Installed the new HDMI locks and has gone a year without problems.

Excellent product - once

- 04th June 2014

Purchased a set of these to ensure a good connection from my amp to my Epson TW-3200 projector which has a slightly loose connector and it often prone to getting bumped by the kids etc. Used installation method #2 (screw below) the hdmi port. Installation was a bit tricky as the supplied screws weren't the right size and the existing screws were too short. Contacted Tony who was very helpful but whilst he was looking into it I found the correct screw (it was a 3 x 25mm 3/16 x 1" machine screw for anyone with the same issue). As they only had the 25mm length I had to use a hacksaw to shorten to about 12mm but now it's all fitted and is rock solid.
All in all an excellent product - just be prepared to get creative if you can't find the correct screw.

Great Idea For A Much Needed Product

- 10th April 2014

First off I have 2 pairs of these locks and by far installation method #1 by screw is the best method that's about impossible to move. My second pair was done via installation method #3 by adhesive tape: I ended up having to use my own 2 sided tape to get these ez locks to stick onto my Smart tv and Xbox One since no screws were provided in these devices but once I got them on they sick enough that they hold up the hdmi plugs with no problems and it's far better than having all that pressure on your ports. Installation by screw is a 5 out of 5, installation by adhesive tape gets a 4 out of 5 still great product either way

Must Have Accessory

- 22nd March 2014

These things are great hands down. I bought my first pair a couple weeks ago now I want them for every HDMI device I got. Blue Echo was kind enough to hook me up with a 30% discount code after my 1st purchase so I came back and bought my second pair of these since I needed 2 more for my Xbox one & Google tv. My first pair were installed by screw and work great this new pair I'm going to install by their adhesive strip method and I hope their as good as installing them by screw. Thanks again BE these things are awesome and your s&h is great. N Cunningham

A Must Have A/V Accessory

- 19th March 2014

First off this review is only for installation method #1 which is for equipment that has a screw above the hdmi port. This is a must have for anyone who wants to get the very best audio & video out off their equipment and for anyone who wants to protect their investment. This ez locks after installed properly will hold the hdmi cable perfectly horizontal and tight so much that I tested it by holding my bluray player up by the hdmi cable with this lock on and it still didn't come out. Well made product that cones with everything needed to install it multiply times. I just wish these were a little cheaper and I would've picked up 2 or 3 pairs of these locks, but I know next pay day I'll be picking up atleast one more pair of these for my XB1 & Google tv.

Fantastic product

- 19th January 2014

My amp has a very loose hdmi fitting. Installed the lock effortlessly and problem solved! Can't praise highly enough!

hd EZ lock Universal HDMI Lock

- 02nd October 2012

Very happy with the product. It works like it suppose to .

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