Privacy and Security

Blue Echo Solutions does not sell, transfer, or otherwise share the personal information submitted to us with any other party. We value your privacy and use your information only to process your order and to contact you if necessary, or requested by you.

We do not store Private Customer information, such as credit cards, S.S. Numbers, financials, etc.

You have the option to request our Newsletter and Offers by submitting your request upon checkout, by entering your e-mail in our newsletter request box, or by contacting us directly with a request to be added to our Newsletter list. This information is used only as intended, which is to send you our Newsletter and Special Offers notice. Your e-mail will not be shared with outside sources. If you would like to be removed from our Newsletter e-mail list, you can click the link on the bottom of the Newsletter to opt out, or you can submit a request anytime by contacting us through email directly.

Blue Echo Solutions provides links to outside sources such as manufacturers, or to websites we think may be of use to you. Upon clicking on a link to another website, you will be redirected away from Blue Echo Solutions’ website, and Blue Echo Solutions’ privacy and security policies will no longer apply. Please refer to the privacy and security policies of the new website you are visiting.

All checkout procedures and personal information entered are secured and transmitted using a Comodo 2048-bit Secured Socket Layer (SSL) Encryption, with up to 256-bit encryption. Blue Echo Solutions is secured using Comodo, one of the most trusted names in online security. This SSL Certificate, or Digital Certificate, protects the transmission of data and information with high-level encryption before it is passed through the online space.

The images below is located at the bottom and lower-right corner of every page. Placing your mouse over these images will verify that our site holds a valid SSL Certificate, along with confirming our business identity and address.

Shopping Cart actions, such as Checkout and Payment procedres will be using our secured connection with our SSL Encryption. You can verify this by looking at the url. You will notice that the url has changed from “http://” to “https://”. The addition of the “s” in the url indicates you are now using our secure connection. Also, depending on your browser, you may see a blue bar in the address bar at the top of your browswer, or a closed-lock icon at the bottom of your browser window, an unbroken key icon, or some other indicator when you are on our secured page. This indicates that you have successfully connected using our secured server.

Double clicking these areas on your browser window will confirm the authenticity of our SSL Certificate.

You may find that in some cases your browser or firewall prevents you from connecting to our secured server. In those cases, we recommend that you contact us by phone for your order.

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