Installation Video for hd EZ lock Universal HDMI Locking Cable Adapter

hd EZ lock is the only Universal Locking HDMI Cable Adapter on the market.  hd EZ lock secures your HDMI Cable in its input, eliminating loose HDMI Cables and intermittent or lost signals.  hd EZ lock also eliminates harmful stress on your HDMI input, signifantly reducing the chance of a damaged HDMI input or broken HDMI cable.  The patent-pending hd EZ lock is manufactured in the USA.
This short, three minute video demonstrates a typical hd EZ lock installation using the screw above (or below) the HDMI Input.
This is the most common of installation configurations, but there are many other configurations for HDMI components.  Your HDMI input may be configured differently.  Please review the following hd EZ lock installation methods or contact us for assistance:

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