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We really look forward to hearing from our Customers regarding their Blue Echo Solutions experience! The Customer Testimonials below are taken from actual letters or e-mails received from Blue Echo Solutions’ Customers. (Any emphasis is added by Blue Echo Solutions) If you would like to share your experience, please send us your email or letter here.

hd EZ lock

“Great product. On the project that I ordered the hd EZ locks for we knew we needed security for HDMI cabling, we just didn’t know if it existed yet. We have 13 Dish and 17 Time Warner set top boxes plus Various PCs for digital signage that comprise the sources of a head end build in an MATV system. This MATV system feeds a 43 story tower, providing all of the TV content available to the floors. All of the sources are connected via HDMI so it was very important to find a locking solution that would provide a solvent connection in order to avoid unexpected outages throughout the building. The connectors are also quick and easy to remove when replacing (inevitably) a set top box that fails in the line of duty.

Congratulations on identifying the need for a locking mechanism for HDMI and then creating such a flexible, easy to use and cost-effective solution.

You will have all of our business for this type of solution.

Keep up the great customer service.”

Written by TW.

hd EZ lock

“The EZ locks I purchased are working great. I was having a problem with a long run of HDMI staying inserted in my projector and that problem is now gone after installing the EZ lock. I had to use the adhesive to mount the EZ lock and I was skeptical that it would hold, but it seems to be working fine.”

Written by Steve W.

hd EZ lock

“Phenomenal response time!”

Written by Bill.

hd EZ lock

“Wow, Customer Service isn’t entirely a thing of the past.
Got my credit. Thanks and I’ve shared this experience with everyone in my office.”

Written by Kevin.

hd EZ lock and BES-HDMI-2M Locking HDMI Cable Combo

“The EZ Locks are a very good, economical option which worked great for my HDMI connections. I would tell anyone that it looks like the best solution to protect those HD connections.”

Written by Dave S.

hd EZ lock and BES-HDMI-2M Locking HDMI Cable Combo

“Your EZ lock system for HDMI cables works pretty well. So far I am pleased with how well my HDMI cables are staying put. Thanks for such a simple yet great product.”

Written by Keith

hd EZ lock

“The EZ lock is fine. I have install two sets (one at the SetTop box to TV; one at the NMT to the AV Amp). Both results are good and make the connections in a very secure way.”

Written by Warren from Hong Kong

hd EZ lock

“I love the product. Easy to install – will purchase a few more pairs.”

Written by Tim

hd EZ lock

“So far the EZ locks are doing what they are suppose to do, keep HDMI cables in place. I was hoping it was going to resolve one issue I had but it ended up being the HDMI cable itself that was the problem. But they are great and they should be incorporated into all HDMI cables.

Thanks for the product!”

Written by Scott

hd EZ lock

“I just got my HD EZ locks today, wow!!! what fast shipping. Anyway, it works out fine, its just perfect for what i want. Thanks for the great idea, you should aggressively market this product. I see no other product like this one, Ive been looking for this kind of product for a while since the HDMI design came out. And I’m sure there are millions of Home theater fanatics like me that look for this product. Thanks again.

Satisfied customer.”

Written by Cyril L.

hd EZ lock

“I know this is late in coming, but wanted to say I’m very pleased with the EZ lock. I lurk on AVSforum too and occasionally add some input to a few forums I frequent for info, and was able to offer your EZ lock as a viable solution to a discussion about the new locking HDMI cables on the market. To me your EZ lock is hands down the best solution as you are able to use your current cables and not lose that expense if/when you want to upgrade the cable. I was able to use the screw in one piece of equipment but needed to use the adhesive on the TV. I admit I was reluctant to do this but must say I wouldn’t hesitate to trust the adhesive again in the future. I was pleasantly surprised by how strong the hold was and how easy it was to install. This is certainly one of those products that is a no-brainer for the cost vs security it offers. I was having issues with signal dropout occasionally when watching my HD programming via cable DVR and simply jiggling the HDMI cable in the TV would always bring it back. Since installing the EZ lock I have had no dropouts at all.

Thanks for making a great product, I will not hesitate to recommend.”

Written by Eric

hd EZ lock

“This is my 6th pair of these and I am really pleased with the results. This is one good solid piece of engineering at its best…keep up the good work.”

Written by George H.

hd EZ lock

I cannot begin to say how wonderful your product is, the HDMI connection interface is a total joke and the EZ Lock changes that entirely, it is fabulous, I am planning to order a few more sets to round out all the gear in my personal systems, I simply cannot do without these locks now.

Written by G.M.

hd EZ lock

“I just wanted to say thanks! Your product fixed all my intermittent sound and picture loss!

Written by Nicholas K.

hd EZ lock

“This worked very well…making for a nice snug connection, with the plug coming out at 90 degrees from the vertical and all pressure taken off the main part of the connector.

A most helpful (and inexpensive) fix to a really stupid (and unnecessary — what were those designers smoking?) problem.”

Written by Frank G.

hd EZ lock

“You have an excellent product. It is easy to install and my HDMI connections are very secure and have no strain on the ends.”

Written by John H.

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