About Us

Making Consumer Electronics fun and easy through innovative and unique solutions.

Blue Echo Solutions is a Consumer Electronics company dedicated to providing Manufacturers and Consumers with products and services that will enhance the Consumer Electronics experience. We are doing this through innovative products and solutions, as well as by building great relationships and through world-class Customer Service.

Blue Echo Solutions was founded with the purpose of bringing much needed solutions to problems in the Consumer Electronics industry. We began Blue Echo Solutions out of a passion for the industry, a desire to start and grow a successful business, and because we created a product that the Consumer Electronics industry is in need of.

That product, hd EZ lock™ solves a large problem that has not been adequately addressed since the inception of HDMI™. hd EZ lock™ is our first product, designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA. We will soon offer additional solutions designed to address problems that face Consumers, Retailers, and Manufacturers in the Consumer Electronics Industry.

Blue Echo Solutions™ and hd EZ lock™

The idea for Blue Echo Solutions started in Washington State in late 2007, and in the Summer of 2008 Blue Echo Solutions moved its operations to Los Angeles, California and launched hd EZ lock™. With over 30 years of combined experience in Consumer Electronics, Marketing, Customer Service and Human Resources, the founders of Blue Echo Solutions decided to pursue a dream and start our own business.

Blue Echo Solutions operates on a core business philosophy of:

  • Always do the right thing
  • Treat our Customers, Employees and Business Partners honestly, fairly, and with respect
  • Conduct all business dealings with Integrity
  • Provide the best Customer Service available anywhere
  • Pursue Innovation and encourage Creativity so that we are always looking for a better solution
  • Provide Solutions of the highest quality
  • Never lose sight of our passion for our Business

Our Mission Statement is “Making Consumer Electronics fun and easy through innovative and unique solutions.”

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